Money In Business Boost Camp Workshop


“Money In Business” Boost Camp Workbook
… used since 1999 in our 2-day live workshop
… and now recorded live on video

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Money Management
is an integral part of business.

Your accounting system
is the
eyes and ears
that let you
the reality of your business.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to produce
the greatest achievable value, and that’s impossible
without sensible money management.

The common view of money and accounting
is that they’re a complex set of exacting rules and procedures…

if you don’t do them exactly right,
you’re in trouble with…
tax authorities,
the courts, and maybe
public opinion.

And for
external financial communications,
that’s all very true!

the most important use
of money and accounting
is for
internal business management.

within your business…
you make the rules!

You decide what’s…
• right and wrong
• useful and not useful
• effective and ineffective

Your money management and accounting skills
should be put to good use
making your business the best it can be.

It’s not “finance” …
it’s business!

Too many business owners are
intimidated by “the numbers.”

It’s a shame, because their dislike of numbers
makes them shy away from
accounting and accountants
that’s the last thing they should do!

Business owners
need to
embrace the numbers
and see them for what they are

– to see them as another way of
understanding their business
more accurately than is possible by
direct observation…
it’s just not enough!

You miss too much if you don’t
have a handle on the financial impact
of what’s happening in your business.

You can “just get by” …
and somehow, most do!

They survive with only a sketchy look at
their financial results.

Businesses that thrive, grow, and excel
do so because their management pays close attention
to the
Financial Tripod
net worth

This Money in Business
12-hour workshop will…

assist to polish your already sharp skills,
truly serve you to become a
Master of Your Own Money.

Either way, you will…

(1) Learn
money and accounting
are nothing more than
a way to see and understand exactly what’s happening in your business.

(2) Learn
how the “numbers” reflect what’s actually going on
in your business
and how they give you a way to fully understand what’s real.

(3) Learn
how to take responsibility
for all aspects of money management,
including budgeting and break-even analysis.

(4) Learn
how to design, set up, and use the ‘Money’ tools

to take full control of your accounting system.

(5) Learn
that you don’t have to become an accounting expert

– that’s what accountants are for!

(6) Learn
when you need to visit your accountant
, and
how to get the best value per visit!

(7) Learn
to immerse yourself
in the financial management of the business

It will all become familiar and comfortable to you.

And it will happen quickly.

Don will guide you… take one step at a time!

Money in Business
Full Spectrum Boost Camp Workshop

includes 10 lessons, each led by
Master Business Coach Don Farnden.

You will have access to 8+ hours of live uncut video of Don
working through the 10-lessons …
You will be with Don
as he works through this workshop
with live-full-paying clients.

No stone is left unturned!

Every step you take
will increase your
money management proficiency.

Don’t accept what we say,
be open to the possibility
let the results speak for themselves.

Money management
will become an integral part of
your business skillset,
you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


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