About Don Farnden

Lead Master Coach
Mentor and Facilitator

Don Farnden, Australia’s #1 Small Business Guru, is a Master of Boosting Business.

He is acknowledged as a unique and distinctive expert in the fields of small and medium business and company development techniques, business performance enhancement, and in maximizing the business owner’s personal performance and most precious asset * TIME *

Don is the Founder of Boost Business Results and the creator of the “Full Spectrum Boost Camp” series of business Workshops.

He is a Co-Founder and a Director of the Alliance for Enterprise Leadership Inc. AEL is the global owner of the Full Spectrum Business Development Program.

At age 20 Don was dynamically leading 7 private companies with over 50 staff reporting to him;
at age 35 he was inducted as the youngest ever National President (NIA) within Australia’s formally recognised professional accounting fraternity; and
at age 45 he was certified as one of the globally recognised Michael E. Gerber E-Myth Coaches.
Don is the Master Coach of Boost Business Results Full Spectrum Coaching, and is a primary induction coach of AEL Full Spectrum business coaches globally.
Don’s ability to “think on his feet” makes him one of the most highly sought after and popular speakers on business related topics throughout Australia. His language is straightforward and his presentations combine empathy and humour to achieve rapport with his audiences.
Don’s goal for when you attend his events, is for you to walk away with actual tools you can apply in your business to bring about immediate results.
If you are (or wanting to be) an entrepreneur, independent professional or business owner; you need to find out why Don Farnden’s Secrets are absolutely your fastest, most effective, efficient, easiest, and economical way to drive your business forward.
Don and his wife, Leanne, live in Adelaide, South Australia.